Fun and Games

December 27, 2006

Well Thankfully Xmas is over, it all went well which makes a change, my first xmas off a section for 5 years, it was really good!! felt abit strange but in a good way.
The last day or so havent been that good, been abit uptight and punchy, cant quite put my finger on what the problem is, Im not hearing or seeing anything just not quite myself, it gets like this sometimes and it is really anoying, maybe my meds arent working so well, I normally sleep ok but recently i havent been which ha a effect, just hope it isnt a downwards spiral, soon find out.


Bad week

December 7, 2006

This week has been rather bad, everyone is getting ready for xmas, im just ignoring it for me xmas means stress and meeting up with family who i havent seen all year, I will have to go xmas shopping at some point.
I havent been to work for a week and a half now, the stress has somewhat gone now, but now the stress of thinking about going back is getting to me, and my boss is really a nice guy with a rather odd perception of mental illness, ie the work of the devil, and will no doubt bible bash me when i get back, but never mind.
I have had to have time off as the effects of my medication (stellazine) were getting to much and I have had to go on a new antipsychotic called Ariprazole, it has been a ok swap over with only one incident, I put my fist though a glass window panel, a few stiches, no lasting damage,thankfully.
Just thinking about going to a meeting tonight, I should as it does me good to be out with people, and my monthly appointment to see my Shrink in the morning, no doubt there is going to be abit of a disagrement, sometimes i think the staff are more in need of the mediation than I !!! Let you know how it goes.

Quick link about what schizophrenia is….

December 7, 2006

Good BBC page

First Post

December 7, 2006

Well here goes, in to the world of blogging. Just a young schizophrenic angry with the mental health system and the stigma.
Also the rantings of working for some of the strangest people on the face of the planet.
Be Kind


December 7, 2006

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